The story of chocolate, as far back as we know it, begins with the discovery of America. Until 1492, the Old World knew nothing at all about the delicious and stimulating flavor that was to become the favorite of millions.

The Court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella got its first look at the principal ingredient of chocolate when Columbus returned in triumph from America and laid before the Spanish throne a treasure trove of many strange and wonderful things. Click here

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Roasting Coffee Pods An Eternal Secret

For many decades, people never knew how to roast their coffee pods in their own homes. The idea and the method of roasting coffee pods were kept a secret by the coffee pod roasting industry. It was also presumed that this sector was out of bounds as it was thought that the procedure was too hard and difficult. But, today the entire picture has changed; roasting coffee beans is very easy and anybody can roast coffee beans in their home by using simple techniques. It is also very thrilling and adventurous to roast your own coffee. Of late, thousands of people have begun their own coffee pod roasting industry as a business.

While coffee enthusiasts are roasting their own coffee beans and enjoying the benefits of fresh and invigorating coffee blend. This is done at about one-third to one half the prices of beans from a local coffee shop. Here is a time tested method of roasting your own coffee pods: - Collect green coffee beans fresh and just out of curing center, - Prepare a small roasting center and collect all necessary tools and equipments like an oven, cookie sheet, oven mitt, metal colander and a wooden spoon. - Preheat your oven to about 500F, spread a cookie sheet and make an even row of coffee pods over the sheet. Once you spread the pods, roasting will start immediately and the color turns brown.

- There will be a mild crackling noise from the oven in about 15 minutes and the emerging smoke will be very soothing and fragrant. - At this juncture you'll need to be careful in checking the quality of the coffee pods, - After 2 minutes of crackling, check out the shade of roasted beans and set it to darkish brown, - After this, take out the sheet and pour the beans on to a metal colander, - Stir up the beans to mix and slowly cool the beans to the room temperature, - Finish the roasting work immediately and never leave the beans unattended, You can even use a pop corn making machine to roast your coffee pods. However, coffee roasting is often a messy process as the chaff generated out of the process may create a mess on the floor. You can purchase your coffee roaster from any of those commercial coffee makers and suppliers.

You can search over the internet to find your own brand of roaster or go to a library to seek more information on the equipment. You can also use a gas grill to roast your coffee though the overall quality is not as good. You should be aware of the quality of the coffee pods as they can influence the quality of the coffee powder. Green and raw coffee beans can store for many years and matured pods are sufficient for roasting purposes.

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