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Gluten Free Food Products

This article will help to better explain the difference between gluten-free food and food products. The article will also give you a better understanding of what gluten is and how the body can develop an intolerance to it. Gluten free products are those food products that carry an appropriate mark, symbol or declaration of it. It includes proper labeling of being suitable for persons with celiac disease. Gluten refers to a protein found in wheat, rye, malt and barley.

It is also found to a lesser extent in oats. Gluten is a strict no-no for people with celiac disease. When patients suffering from celiac disease consume gluten the absorptive 'villi' in the small intestine get damaged thereby preventing the absorption of many important nutrients. It may be noted that the long-term effect of celiac disease can even be life threatening and even a small amount of gluten can cause the symptoms to reoccur.

So, celiac sufferers need to abstain themselves from consuming even little gluten. Again, people who have dermatitis herpetiformis that is gluten induced skin sensitivity need also stay away from foods containing gluten. Though a gluten free diet is medically imperative only for the sufferers of celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis other people may also prefer to choose such diet.

The gluten free diets suggested involve the complete avoidance of all foods made from or containing wheat, rye, barley and oats. Some doctors however opine that oats may be permitted though The Celiac Society disapproves of it. The Celiac Society publishes a list of gluten free manufactured food products in a booklet, which is updated each year. There is a wide range of specially manufactured gluten free foods like bread, bread mix, pasta, biscuits, cakes, crisp bread and flour are available.

Online ventures regarding concerns selling gluten free foods have also come up to facilitate procuring of gluten free foods. These websites of the suppliers promise to offer a huge selection of gourmet gluten free baking mixes, ready to eat breads, snack foods, convenience meals and even cook books. Products made with bean flours and similar other alternatives of wheat flour are provided too. It must be ensured that the gluten free diet is not lacking in essential nutrients. Gluten free foods have been often found to be lacking in proteins and iron.

It is to be ascertained that milk protein or other protein is present in adequate proportions in the gluten free foods available. Also iron rich foods like pulses, lentils, nuts and green vegetables are to be included in adequate proportions.

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