The story of chocolate, as far back as we know it, begins with the discovery of America. Until 1492, the Old World knew nothing at all about the delicious and stimulating flavor that was to become the favorite of millions.

The Court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella got its first look at the principal ingredient of chocolate when Columbus returned in triumph from America and laid before the Spanish throne a treasure trove of many strange and wonderful things. Click here

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Beer Butt Chicken

Beer butt is a fraternity classic whose absolutely wonderful flavour is complemented by a keg full of novelty. The flavour, as its name implies, is very beer-like, and can change depending on the brew you use. I strongly suggest that you try and experiment with various different brands of beer to find out which one tastes the best to you. Another thing that I'm sure everyone will love about this meal is that this is a very cheap one, so any experimentation you engage in will not break your bank. But above all, have fun -- and it will taste twice as better! Side dishes for beer butt chicken should stay the course on the crass and vulgar nature of the meal. Buffalo wings, coleslaw, pretzels, and other tail-gate party foods all go very well with the meal, and with the atmosphere of it.

As far as beverages are concerned here. do you have to be told?! Beer. Lots of beer! But remember something very important as well -- water is essential for this meal, because beer is a diuretic, which means that everyone will be taking a lot of bathroom breaks. A lot of people will want to season their chicken with some table salt, which will only further the whole problem. So, if your guests become dehydrated, they will experience headaches and other hang-over symptoms, which is never pleasant especially to you -- the host.

Drinking water with the meal will help to avert that sort of disaster, and averting disaster is the responsibility of any good host! Ingredients: 1 whole chicken 1 can of beer 1 stick of butter 2 cloves of garlic, chopped 2 Tbsp Italian seasoning Instructions: 1. Remove giblets from the chicken. 2. Pre-heat your oven to about 350F. 3.

Place garlic, butter, and seasoning under the chicken's skin. 4. Drink about half the beer. (This is important. If you do not, it will explode in the oven.

Baked on beer is difficult to clean up. believe me, I had the unpleasant experience to learn this the hard way.) 5.

Forcibly insert the beer can into the chicken's open end. (Tab-in, so the beer empties into the chicken's inside.) 6. Place the chicken and beer union into a baking bag and tie it shut. 7.

Place the chicken-bag onto a baking pan and bake for 30-40 minutes. 8. Remove the pan from the oven, bag from the pan, chicken from the bag, beer from the butt, and enjoy.

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