The story of chocolate, as far back as we know it, begins with the discovery of America. Until 1492, the Old World knew nothing at all about the delicious and stimulating flavor that was to become the favorite of millions.

The Court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella got its first look at the principal ingredient of chocolate when Columbus returned in triumph from America and laid before the Spanish throne a treasure trove of many strange and wonderful things. Click here


Doing your homework on gourmet coffee - You definitely need to find out all you can about gourmet coffee if you plan to operate a successful coffee shop.

Rice for Dessert - Two tasty rice pudding recipes to keep you warm on a cold night.

The Organic Chocolate Revolution - The cocoa industry in Venezuela is seeing a big comeback as farmers in that country are going organic.

Becoming a More Efficient Cook - Efficiency will save you lots of time in the kitchen, to accomplish this, learn to do more than one thing at a time.

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